From the car you drive to how you heat your home, your choices have an impact on Canada’s environment. The federal carbon tax is in place to help you notice where you’re using carbon and help reduce carbon emissions over time.

Stephen Leahy of The Weather Network broke down how the Canadian carbon tax impacts fuel prices and, in turn, your gas bill: 

“The Natural Resources Canada Fuel Consumption Guide says the 2020 fuel bill for a Toyota Prius hybrid traveling 20,000 km was $1,125, of which $59 was due to the 2020 carbon price. A Dodge Challengers’ fuel bill would have been $4,031, including $213 for the carbon price while emitting 6.5 tons of CO2 from its tailpipe. Choosing to drive a Prius over the Challenger would save $2,900 a year in fuel costs and cut carbon emissions 4.4 tons. Over five years those savings would be nearly $15,000 with an emission reduction of 22 tons of CO2.”

Canada also offers grants of up to $5,000 as well as free energy assessments to help Canadians save on the carbon tax and get on board with their climate change efforts.

You can read more from Leahy on the tax breakdowns here.