Climate change is daunting for everyone, but as our world gets warmer, it’s important for parents to educate their children on their carbon footprint.

Experts have identified six things to consider when bringing up the topic of climate change with children. As children begin to interact with the world around them, parents can begin to discuss caring for the planet.

“You wouldn’t not talk to your child about divorce. You’d find ways to talk to them about it, to help them understand. Climate change is no different – it’s already impacting on the child day in and day out, so start talking now,” psychotherapist Caroline Hickman said.

Experts also suggest that parents can brush up on science themselves and give their children ways that they can take action. In Ontario, families can use the carbon tax rebate to help their children understand why they make eco-friendly choices around the house. As households in Ontario continue to reduce their carbon footprint, they can receive money back from the province’s carbon tax rebate to use as they wish/

You can read more about experts’ guidance on talking with children here.