Environment and Climate Change Canada recently found that Canada is warming at about double the global rate, which has concerned agriculture experts across the country.

“(In Canada) we are looking at about 6.4C degrees of warming this century, which isn’t much less than one degree per decade, which is just a terrifying rate of warming,” Darrin Qualman, the director of climate crisis policy and action at the National Farmer’s Union told Global News. “It’s not going too far to say that if we made that happen, parts of the Prairies wouldn’t be farmable anymore.”

Mild weather this winter has already brought challenges for wildlife in southern Ontario, and warmer summer temperatures indicate that this is part of a large-scale problem. Global warming also brings about the threat of extreme weather events that would devastate crops and Canada’s agricultural sector.

To combat global warming, Ontario has committed to a carbon tax that increases over time and aims to achieve net-zero emissions by 2050. Due to the increase in carbon costs to cover the tax, Ontario also issues a carbon tax rebate to families based on their usage.

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