At a government level, Ontario is using the carbon rebate to help clean up carbon emissions and protect the environment for future generations. But at the personal level, the carbon rebate can help lower your taxes by applying it when you file and using it like a refund.

Shannon Lee Simmons described how taxpayers can take advantage of the rebate:

You can check and see if you did by going to your tax return and looking at page 3 of your T1 General. Line 449. That’s your carbon tax rebate (or if you’re booed up, check you and your partners since they may have claimed it for the fam on theirs).

So, what does it mean? The number that is in line 449 is the amount of money you didn’t owe in taxes this year. Aka, if you normally owed $23,000 (line 435) and your carbon rebate was worth $300 (line 449) then you’d owe $22,700 instead. That $300 works like a refund.

You can read more about the money you’ll receive from the carbon rebate here.