The carbon tax could seem daunting to implement at first, but all it takes is a care for the environment and a little economics lesson before Canadians are fully on board.

Economists and scientists agree that carbon pricing is the most effective, and the best low-cost, way to change Canada’s carbon footprint. While capturing carbon costs a lot of money to execute, carbon pricing gives money back to citizens and helps incentivize everyone to lower their carbon output.

Michael Bernstein described his journey to supporting Canada’s carbon tax in a recent op-ed:

“As the owner of a small food delivery business, carbon pricing appealed to me because it’s a market-based solution to climate change. It gives people and businesses the freedom to choose how to reduce their emissions — it doesn’t impose solutions on them with regulations. Carbon pricing offers a solution to the climate problem that allows people to transform the economy themselves, rather than re-engineering it from above.”

Carbon pricing allows Canadians to effectively buy into this system. Ontario households will likely get a rebate back from the carbon tax no matter what, but the amount that they get could increase with more fuel-efficient choices. As Bernstein explains, the choice is up to Canadians.

You can read more from Bernstein’s op-ed here.